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What is Health Ministries?

Health Ministries is founded on the whole person concept, acknowledging the close connection between mind, body, and spirit. Health Ministries promotes wholistic whole-person health. blending faith and health to make our congregation and community healthier.




To promote and improve the quality of life by providing integrated health care services to the entire community.

  • To ensure that the body, health and spiritual needs of individuals are met through education, networking, encouraging healthy behavior and by promoting the “whole person.”
  • To promote and improve the quality of life.
  • To be a source of health information and leadership at Church of the Good Shepherd and the community in the image and spirit of Christ.


The Health Ministry Cabinet

The Cabinet works in close partnership with the Methodist Hospital Health Ministries Program.


It assists and supports the activities of the Parish Nurse.


Members of the Cabinet are not only health care professionals but also parishioners interested in promoting the mind, body and spirit of the congregation.


For more information on Methodist Hospital Health Ministries, visit the following website:



The Parish Nurse

The Parish Nurse is a registered nurse who has taken additional specialty instruction to practice in the faith community and whose ministry is to foster new and creative responses to health concerns.


The parish nurse:

  • Understands health to be a dynamic process that embodies the spiritual, psychological, physical and social dimensions of the person
  • Is a personal health counselor for the congregation and persons with health concerns
  • Is a health educator who promotes holistic care to the congregation
  • Is a liaison with Methodist Hospital and community health organizations
  • Does not provide direct patient care, but does provide referrals to community resources
  • Is a member of the Health Ministries Cabinet
  • Works closely with the pastors and Stephen Ministers
  • Maintains confidentiality with all client information

The Parish Nurse is usually available at the church on Tuesday mornings and the third Sunday of the month in the lounge after the 10:00 a.m. service. 



To contact the Parish Nurse, call Lynn Rivera at (626) 278-1918, email at, call the church office at (626) 447-2181, or submit a request to be contacted.



For the latest and most accurate health information news . .

Check with the National Institutes of Health at

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